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  • Why choose eventpowwow?

    eventpowwow is a unique combined app and microsite that lets event organisers give delegates all the info they need, quickly and easily.

    Communicating with your event delegates couldn’t be easier. In fact this website and app were built with eventpowwow.

    Making sure your event delegates have all the information they need before, during and after an event can be a major hassle. Registration, agendas, maps, speaker biogs, event diaries, pre-, in- and post-event comms... the list goes on. Not surprisingly, more and more event organisers are turning to specialist apps to make the whole process easier.

    Which is exactly what eventpowwow does, no matter how large or small your event.

    The complete package
    Have all your pre-, in- and post-event delegate comms available anytime, anywhere on iOS and Android, on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

    Great value
    You get a native app combined with a fully-responsive microsite, both designed to match your business and both easily updated – at the same time – through a single CMS, all with a flexible pricing structure.

    Stellar support
    We’ll work closely with you to create your own amazing event management tool. You’ll find our CMS really simple to use – but we’re always here if you need us.

    Contact » Chris Cloughley

    Phone » +44 (0)20 8780 9700

    Email address » hello@eventpowwow.com

    Website » http://eventpowwow.com

  • We combine digital and physical event spaces to drive engagement for visitors, create stronger brand recognition and gain better insight through real-time behavioural data.

    It all starts with registration and ticketing. A web-based, enterprise-wide application, Visit enables you to personalise the online experience for your visitors. Visit lets you, the event organiser, interact with your visitors using ‘go viral’ tools, before doors have even opened.

    During your event, each visitor is given a Poken interactive USB smart device, letting them share contact details, engage with spaces and collect content via NFC-enabled touchpoints. Touching two Poken together will elicit a green glow, adding a tangible element to the sharing of two attendees’ data. As an organiser, you’ll also be able to share digital content with your visitors using the Poken interactive USB.

    Engagement continues post-event, with attendees able to log into a customised online attendee portal, which shows exactly who they met and what content they collected.

    Website » http://visit.ges.com/

  • Transform meetings and classes with real-time polling. Get everyone involved and find out what they’re thinking. Meetoo makes meetings more fun and ultimately more effective.

    The PowerPoint Add-in transforms lifeless presentations into energetic, two-way conversations that everyone can join. You can easily create and edit polls beforehand or as the meeting unfolds, displaying results on screen as they arrive. 

    No more note taking! Meetoo makes it easier than ever to keep track of what happened during the meeting. Collate everything from poll results and questions to attendance and feedback into handy reports with just one click.

    Phone » +44 1428 721 000

    Website » http://www.meetoo.com/

  • Gleanin’s social referral marketing software helps exhibition organisers leverage the networks of their visitors and exhibitor staff to deliver new registrations, increase pre-registration to attendee conversion, improve visitor and exhibitor ROI and deliver a richer registration experience.

    Website » http://www.gleanin.com

  • First Sight Media is one of the UK’s most successful video streaming and production companies. Our team of video streaming and production experts has over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

    Hire us to produce your conference, webinar, promotional video, training videos, live event, or graduation ceremony. We’ll communicate the essence of you or your brand with energy. And with pin sharp clarity. We’ll breathe life into your message. We’ll challenge, provoke, and stimulate. We’ll drink tea. In the end, we’ll understand your brand. So will you. Better than before. Stronger, faster . . .

    We’ll push the envelope. Innovation. Experience. Know-how. The provision of hi-tech video streaming and production services. We’re discreet, but we’re hands on. We’ll take ownership of the production from start to finish. You get to stand back and let us get on with it. Then we’ll deliver.

    We have worked with niche, national and international brands. Giants of academia, commerce, retail and pharmaceutical. Individuals with fridge magnet briefs. Multinationals with a million ideas.

    We bring it all together.
    We walk the walk.
    We can prove it.

    Website » http://firstsightmedia.co.uk/

  • Boomset provides software aimed to improve on-site efficiency and bring excitement to the events industry. Use Boomset's integration platform and apps for on-site badge & wristband printing, custom-branded self-check-in kiosks, lead retrieval, RFID management & other features for a seamless event solution.

    Website » https://www.boomset.com/


    Engage unifies departments within your organisation with a central delivery platform; Sales, Marketing, Operational Delivery, Registration, Conference Management, Floor Planning, Finance and Online Portals.
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are designed to compile information about customers across different channels or points of contact between the customer and the company which could include the company's website, telephone, direct mail, marketing materials and social media. CRM systems can also give customer-facing staff detailed information on customers' personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a category of business-management software typically a suite of integrated applications that an organisation can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities. ERP provides an integrated view of core business processes, often in real-time, using common databases maintained by a database management system.

    Website » http://www.d2isystems.com/engage/

  • 1 Wimpole Street is one of London's premier venues for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, receptions and dining events.  Home to the Royal Society of Medicine since 1912, it continues to evolve to meet the demands of changing times without compromising its unique character.

    State-of-the-art audio visual technology is available throughout the building and most significantly within three purpose built auditoriums.  The award-winning audio visual team is entirely in-house and run by 1 Wimpole Street, meaning they are on hand at all times to provide guidance and support.   During 2016 the team won a number of prestigious awards including; Event Tech Awards ‘most innovative and tech-friendly venue’, AV Awards ‘event professional of the year’ and Install Awards ‘rising star’.

    A further collection meeting and flexible function rooms include a large glass roofed atrium, perfect for an exhibition or reception for up to 200 people.  The catering team (also in-house) ensure that the quality of the food prepared and presented for all events from small dinner parties, cocktail receptions to major conferences is flawless.

    Located by Oxford Circus in Central London, 1 Wimpole Street is moments away from tube stations and bus stops, and is extremely well connected to all the major railway stations in Central London. 

    Phone » +44 (0)20 7290 2951

    Email address » enquiries@1wimpolestreet.co.uk

    Website » http://www.1wimpolestreet.co.uk/


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